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Maven opened its doors in 2012. The common thread for all people that have stepped into Maven from the beginning is the will and drive to see improvement with fitness and life. We remain locally owned and operated and are dedicated to building a thriving, strong and fit community in metro Detroit and around the world.

Crossfit Maven is as it's named. We are trusted experts in the field of strength and conditioning. We have also proven to be masters of our trade in years of competition. Although we do seek to kindle the competitive nature of the human innate in all our athletes, our philosophy and methodology are not competition based. Rather, our programming and coaching is founded on the belief that the human being is a unique creation, capable of incomprehensible development and adaptation in one lifetime. The founders and coaches of Maven train every athlete to maximize their genetic adaptive potential, regardless of their current state of fitness. Whether you come in our doors as a professional athlete, middle school student, overweight house mom or a de-conditioned grandfather we will give your our very best. Our commitment is to help fulfill each Maven's God given potential.
Live Cryo is NOW OPEN

Live Cryo is NOW OPEN

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"I'll love you until it kills me. Confessions of a serial sufferer.
I fall in love when I'm challenged. I fall in love when I'm made to feel special, unique and respected. I fall in love with the beauty my eyes, mind and heart can see. I fall deeper and harder during intimacy. I know I'm in love when I can be hurt so easily.

Crossfit, I'll love you until it kills me. I fell for you all at once. I loved everything about you even before I knew you existed. Prior to us, I was made to believe you couldn't be real. Your attributes wove my very dreams.
When we met, I was scared. I was scared how much I understood you. I was scared how quickly you recognized all my strengths and weaknesses. I was scared of how vulnerable you made me feel.
Since the beginning you made me feel so special. You praised me for my strength. You made me feel as if you had never seen anything quite like me. You respected my ambition. You immediately new my limitations and saw beyond them, to who I could be, to who I will be.

I love our intimacy. When I let go and give you all of me, what you give back is holy. You feel so good it hurts. You make me sweat. You take my breath. You make my heart race. You consume every inch of me. You get me up and when we're done you lay me back down.
No one has ever been able to hurt me like you. You can hurt me to the depths of my love for you. I'm on my knees at your will. I am at your mercy.
I am always at your defense. I safeguard your life and name. I protect your reputation as if it's my own. I think about you always. You get the best of me. Loving you makes me better at loving others.

I've tried to leave you. I have. I've ran to what else I know. But when I leave you I lose my passion. When your gone I feel lost.
Crossfit, my love. I am yours." -@bradleyberlin
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