CrossFit - Constantly varied, functional movement, at a high intensity. Metcons, AMRAPS, EMOTM… all lingo that basically means we have fun getting our sweat on, working on technique, and lifting heavy. The goal of all of this is general physical preparedness. You will not see any machines in our gym and will see equipment such as barbells, climbing ropes, pull-up bars, gymnastic rings, odd objects, kettle-bells, and anything that can assist in bodyweight movements. Crossfit is for everyone, regardless of your background or current fitness level. Each workout can be scaled down to accommodate each athlete.

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MavenFit: Building Fitness for Life 

Our MavenFit classes focus on building functional fitness through a combination of traditional bodyweight calisthenics, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls and monostructural elements such as rowing, running, biking and jumping rope. We believe that by working to master these basic (but highly effective) movements, our athletes achieve levels of fitness that make the job of daily living that much easier. Whether the goal is improved strength/endurance, increased mobility, or weight loss, MavenFit can get you there.